Higher levels
of Automation

We’re a CNC machine shop located in North America and we deliver superior quality parts in a cost-effective way.

A voice of innovation

Learn about the latest machining technology. Discover the processes at our shop that help us continually improve. Read about the parts we create and the machines that build them. For us, innovation is not a buzzword—it’s central to our business.

We provide detailed + precision CNC machining to your specifications

Every part has a story. It begins with a design file with detailed measurements, specifications and tolerances. It ends up distributing coolant so the batteries on electric long-haul semi trucks don’t overheat. Or as an adaptor that transforms regular hand drills into precision surgical tools in developing countries. Or regulating the pressure on oil drums in Northern Alberta.

Precision multi-axis machining used in real-life scenarios, that’s what we’re about. It’s why we’re the shop of choice for the following sectors: aerospace, medical, oil and gas, transportation, and technology.

A team of innovators

This decade will see the automation revolution take hold. We’re already at the forefront of this movement, embracing the opportunities it will bring. Our team is composed of talented individuals who aren’t interested in doing machining the way it’s been done for the last twenty years. Nor are they intimidated by the challenges the future holds.

Through our tools, processes and mindsets, we’re able to better serve our clients today, building faster, better, safer parts and paving the way for the needs of tomorrow.

We take CNC to a higher level

What we care about is helping you succeed. We do that by investing in top technology, building efficient processes and delivering remarkable customer service. Embracing automation has allowed us to work more efficiently and reduce human error while other shops our size are still stuck in cumbersome processes.

Yes, innovation is a big part of who we are. It keeps us nimble, on our feet, constantly improving, focused on making consistent, precision quality parts. But we also provide you with a level of service you’ll never find at a bigger shop.