Ktech Adds An Additional Nakamura-Tome WT-150II

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We have upped our capabilities once again with the addition of the twin spindle twin turret Nakamura-Tome WT-150II! We are running this superior machine “lights out” on volume production, making high quality parts while keeping costs down for our customers.

Some Features: Nakamura-Tome WT-150II

Nakamura-Tome WT-150 Twin Turret CNC Lathe

  • Up to 26kW cutting power available for turning shaft-work with synchronized spindles.(Left spindle motor 15/11kW、Right spindle motor 11/7.5kW)
  • Driven-Tool Motor Power 5.5/3.7kW,for heavy cutting with small tools.
  • With upper / lower turret construction,4-axis machining as well as various other machining combinations possible on either spindle
  • With upper / lower turrets and opposed two-spindle construction,cycle time balancing and reduction is possible.
  • With up to 24-tools per turret,48 tools can be permanently available.

This machine is also equipped with a LNS barfeeder, part unloading arm and conveyor as well as a Roto-Rack for parts accumulation. We are well equipped to machine high-complexity parts in low,medium and high volume with this multi axis CNC lathe.

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